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  • timber workers at Cambelltown Mill, Tasmania
    Campbell Town Timber Mill which closed down under the Labor-Green government forestry amendments in 2013
  • night image of EZ works Hobart Tasmania
    EZ zinc works in Hobart taken from across the Derwent River at 3am
  • rural image of irrigation pivot, Bauer, Tasmania
    One of Bauer Irrigation pivots widely used in Tasmania for cropping
  • Service Tasmania building Launceston Tasmania
    Service Tasmania building in Launceston's city centre.
  • Front cover of game recipe book
    The front cover of my up and coming Game recipe book, thanks to all who are patiently waiting.
  • insurance image, burglar, sign post to different insurance types
    Advertising shot for a security company based in Ireland
  • Wild Geese Irish Whiskey bottle
    What can I favorite next to Tullamore Dew.
  • Advertising image if trout fishing flies
    Advertising images for The Churchill collection of hand tied fishing flies.
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Creating A Strong Visual Presence for your Business

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Creating a Strong Visual Presence for your Business

We are friendly, efficient, professional and committed to producing high quality imagery.

Moray-Kinnear Studio offers a wide range of services including photography, image processing and editing, high definition video production, graphic and web design.

We work in Commercial photography, Industrial photography, Architectural photography, Event photography, Business photography, Product photography and Small Business photography.

Whilst digital technology advances at a furious rate it is important to stay in the forefront and maintain a strong visual presence.

It is the key to your marketing and communications strategies. Corporate and business images are a strong visual communication tool for your brand.
Quality professional images on your website, in annual reports, brochures or internal communications show your prospects, customers, stakeholders and staff what it's really like to work with you.

We work with small businesses that do not have a marketing team or an abundance of resources and finance.

We work with corporate marketing teams to deliver images that fit in with a particular brief or campaign.

We offer a range of digital services to get your business on the move quickly and efficiently and to provide the best solutions.
If you need images for web or for print, Moray-Kinnear Studio can help you get the best results within any budget.