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"We are friendly, efficient, professional and committed to producing high quality imagery and great results."

About Us

Moray-Kinnear Studio offers a wide range of services including photography, image processing and editing, high definition video production, graphic and web design and development.

We are a small team of inspirational and diverse people who love what we do.

With 120 years of combined experience, we work in Commercial photography, Industrial photography, Architectural photography, Event photography, Business photography, Product photography and Small Business photography.

Our main studio is located in the Central highlands plateau of Tasmania,the land of 3000 lakes. Members of our team are located across the country, we draw on a wide pool of the best expertise.

Our interests lay with all sorts of Photography and design, therefore we don't label ourselves as specialists at any one thing. Our themes are very diverse as are our experiences. In consideration, limiting our skills to culture or who what and why inhibits the evolutionary work within. We find inspiration everywhere and always take time to soak up the visuality of it all.


Fiona Moray-Kinnear King
Founder and Creative Director

image of design work pages and canon camera